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A complete service

If you need an automatic entry system or a gate automated, GTL will give you professional advice and guidance to make sure you get the system that meets your needs - now and for the future. We'll take you through a five step site analysis and use our findings to develop the optimum solution.

Professional support

When you decide to proceed with our offer, our team will install and commission your gate system. At the end of the warranty period, we can develop a preventative maintenance plan, so your system stays in good health.

Five steps to your access solution:   

  1. Which operator?
    Based on location and the number of people using the entrance, we choose the most suitable FAAC operator for you project, whether for pedestrians or vehicles, or a sliding or swinging gate.
  2. How will it work?
    Next we work out the intelligence or logic requirements to manage the system's various components.
  3. Security
    How secure do you want your property to be? Do you need to keep animals in? Keep people out? We'll determine the right security level for you.
  4. Safety
    We'll work out the safety controls you'll need. For example, whether the user takes more responsible for safety, or whether there are in-built safety protections.
  5. Activation.
    We offer a comprehensive selection of radio controls, digital key pads, card reading systems, vehicle detection devices, audio and video intercoms

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Installation of the Month

Unique rising skirt gate designed for severe, multi-directional gradients.

This gate uses the latest underground technology with the FAAC S700H operator coupled with a BPT coloured video intercom system.

Rising Skirt Gate